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PHJ No 1 (37) 2023 – S.L.Firsov. Reflection of the Korean War in the satirical press of the USSR (оn the example of the magazine “Krokodil” 1949–1950)

The article deals with the “ideological historу” of the first period of the Korean War of 1950–1953, which found a peculiar reflection in satirical articles and political cartoons published in the Soviet magazine “Krokodil”. The author shows the methods by which the Soviet reader was convinced that the initiator of the war was the South Korean side, led by Lee Syngman, supported by “American imperialism”.

PHJ No 1 (37) 2023 – Min Kyoung-Hyoun. Korean-Soviet relations after liberation: through the prism of Soviet-Japanese war and the rise of North Korea

The Soviet-Japanese war was of decisive importance for the people of Korea and divided it into two parts. Irresolvable contradictions between the Allies in the anti-Hitler coalition will soon lead to the creation of two independent states — the DPRK and the Republic of Korea. Features and conditions of the war and post-war period, which led to the split of a single people into two parts, are analyzed in the article. The study is based on an analysis of published and unpublished sources, including materials from the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

PHJ No 1 (37) 2023 – Choi Deokkyoo, I.O.Ermachenko. The Russo-Japanese War, Japanese occupation of Korea and the secret activities of L.V. von Goyer in the Far East (1904–1910)

The article is devoted to the activities of Lev Viktorovich von Goyer (1875-1939), one of the prominent employees of the so-called “Shanghai agents”, an intelligence service established in April 1904 and operating in close contact with the Russo-Chinese Bank. All aspects of his covert work during the Russo-Japanese War and in the coming years after its end are comprehensively characterized.

PHJ No 1 (37) 2023 – B.B.Pak. On the issue of diplomatic negotiations on the eve of the Russo-Japanese war of 1904–1905

This article highlights the course of Russian-Japanese negotiations in 1903–1904, analyzes the positions of the parties, examines the reasons for the intransigence of the Japanese side in the negotiations on the conclusion of a new agreement, studied the reaction in the ruling spheres of Russia to the amendments of the Japanese government to the Russian text of the agreement, the nature of Russian-Korean relations on the eve of the Russian-Japanese war. The author focuses on Japan’s responsibility for starting the war, showing Japan’s aggressive policy in Korea.