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PHJ No 3 (35) 2022 – B. P. Milovidov. M. M. Speransky’s note “On monetery circulation”: to the history of the text

The article is devoted to the last work of a major Russian Reformer M. M. Speransky — the report “On the money in circulation”. This document played an important role in the preparation of the monetary reform of 1839–1843. The 1839 report was the result of the reformer’s reflections on the problems of the money in circulation. The article examines the history of its creation, establishes the presence of two editions of the report, written with a difference of several days; shows the influence of E. F. Kankrin’s critical remarks on the second edition.

PHJ No 3 (35) 2022 – L. V. Vyskochkov. Notes and projects of M. M. Speransky in the historiography of Russian source studies

The article discusses the main stages of the publication of the notes and projects by M. M. Speransky (1772–1839), who created hundreds of works on philosophy, jurisprudence, morality, religion, realized and unrealized projects of the state system, which were published and republished from 1802 to the present. In historiography, his early works are the most studied, in particular, his constitutional draft of 1809.

PHJ No 3 (35) 2022 – T. V. Andreeva. Return: M. M. Speransky in 1821–1824 (according to the diary of a reformer)

The article is devoted to the diary of M. M. Speransky, which refers to the period of the reformer’s arrival from Siberia to St. Petersburg and is a valuable source of information not only about the complex process of his return to big politics, but also about the most important domestic and foreign policy problems of the last period of the reign of Alexander I. Diary of the greatest statesman of the 19th century allows you to expand and, possibly, to some extent change the ideas that have developed in historiography, both about the role and place of M. M. Speransky in public life in the early 1820s, and about the activities of the administrative apparatus of that time.

PHJ No 3 (35) 2022 – A. Yu. Andreev. Sources on the resignation of M. M. Speransky in 1812: an experience of a systematic analysis

The article analyzes the source base for studying one of the “mysteries of Russian history” — the sudden resignation of M. M. Speransky from the post of State Secretary of Emperor Alexander I, held in March 1812. The article states that the existing multiple interpretations of these events are based in a large number of cases on the uncritical use of historical sources. A new analysis of the source structure has been carried out and a new classification has been proposed. As a result, it was concluded that the considered base of sources, provided that the methods of their critical analysis are applied, allows reconstructing the events that led to Speransky’s resignation with a sufficient degree of completeness.