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PHJ No 3 (35) 2022 – A. Yu. Bendin. Reviewed in: Journals of the Committee of Western Provinces / Ed. by T. V. Andreeva, I. N. Wibe, B. P. Milovidov, D. N. Shilov. Vol. 1-2. St. Petersburg. 2017-2021

For Russian historical science, the western provinces of Russia still remain a topic in many ways. It will require many years of efforts by a large number of researchers whose will have extensive work to identify new arrays of sources, assimilate new research approaches and develop new concepts in it study. The idea that the Western Edge of the Russian Empire was one of the most problematic for the policy of the imperial center has a long history. Historiographical schools and traditions of studying this region began to form in the XIX century In Russia, having been developed after the Polish rebellion of 1863-1864.