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PHJ No 4 (36) 2022 – Y.M.Shepilova, Yu.P.Baskakova, E.I.Nosova, S.L.Itarilova. Technical and technological expertise and attribution of the portrait of S.A.Yesenin

Originally the portrait of S.A. Yesenin was attributed as a photograph dated by 1925. The portrait was not printed on photographic paper, but on typographic paper, since it is too thin and puffy, with no emulsion or barite layers. Microscopy of the image showed that the portrait was printed by phototype, i. e., it is a high-quality reproduction from a photograph. This portrait is one of a series of photos with S.A. Yesenin, made in Baku in photo studio of L.G. Bregadze in 1924. Thus it is revealed that the portrait of S.A. Yesenin under investigation is a reproduction of a photograph, printed on a sheet of offset paper, cut out from a book, brochure or magazine. The date of the portrait was revised: 1924, not 1925, as printed under the portrait.