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PHJ No 1 (37) 2023 – A.I. Rupasov. Soviet-Finnish negotiations on direct air communication, 1950–1960s

As long ago as 1945 the Allied Control Commission had authorised the Finnish side to carry out regular flights with several European countries. This raises the question why this permission was not followed by direct air traffic between Finland and the Soviet Union. It was only after N.S. Khrushchev’s visit to Scandinavia in 1964 that the Soviet side gave its consent for Aero to carry out flights to Leningrad. This article analyses the long-standing Soviet-Finnish negotiations on direct air links.

PHJ No 4 (36) 2022 – G.M.Ivanova. The quality of life of a Soviet person in the mid-1950s through the eyes of Finnish journalists

The article, based on materials from the TASS Bulletin of Foreign Official Information, reveals the details of the stay of a delegation of Finnish journalists in the Soviet Union in October 1954. Modern historical knowledge makes it possible to characterize the position of Finnish journalists as objective, and to recognize their assessment of the quality of life in the USSR as quite adequate.

PHJ No 3 (35) 2022 – А. А. Komarov. The Soviet Union and Finland’s aspirations for neutrality

After World War II Finland started to promote actively the idea of its neutrality. In this way the Finnish political class tried to enhance its profile on the international arena and distance itself from the military clauses of the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual assistance signed by the USSR and Finland on April 6, 1948. The article examines the history of Soviet attitudes towards Finland’s desire to position itself as a neutral country.