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PHJ No 4 (36) 2022 – Z.V. Dmitrieva. Mikhail Borisovich Sverdlov (1939–2022)

On April 21, 2022, Mikhail Borisovich Sverdlov, an outstanding historian, source specialist, archaeographer and historiographer, died. The scientist’s entire scientific life was connected with the St. Petersburg Institute of History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, where he went a long way from graduate student to chief researcher. Mikhail Borisovich was not only Russia’s leading specialist in history, Ancient Rus` and Russian historiography, but also the author of manuals on the history, theory and practice of studying the history of Russia of the 6th–13th centuries.

PHJ No 3 (35) 2022 – L. V. Vyskochkov. Notes and projects of M. M. Speransky in the historiography of Russian source studies

The article discusses the main stages of the publication of the notes and projects by M. M. Speransky (1772–1839), who created hundreds of works on philosophy, jurisprudence, morality, religion, realized and unrealized projects of the state system, which were published and republished from 1802 to the present. In historiography, his early works are the most studied, in particular, his constitutional draft of 1809.

PHJ No 3 (35) 2022 – V. V. Zdanovich. The history of everyday life in the Nazi-occupied territory of Belarus in the works of Belarusian historians

The article analyzes the works of Belarusian historians devoted to the life history of urban and rural residents of Belarus during the Nazi occupation in 1941–1944. The analysis carried out shows that in the Soviet period, according to the party guidelines, the life of different categories of the population in the occupied territory was considered in Soviet historical literature as a daily battle with the enemy. A characteristic feature of the Belarusian period was the development of new directions in the study of the problem, detailed coverage of various aspects of the occupation regime, the consideration of which in Soviet historiography was determined by brevity.