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PHJ No 4 (36) 2022 – D.Omelchenko. Webinar “Coloured Inscriptions and Analytical Techniques” (Hamburg, 19 October 2021)

This article gives an overview of five papers read by participants in an international webinar held at The Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures (Hamburg) on October 19, 2021. The webinar was devoted to a study of paints made from mineral pigments and preserved in historical monuments. Employees of scientific institutes from Italy, France and Great Britain shared their experience in studying historical monuments with the help of modern non-invasive technologies.

PHJ No 4 (36) 2022 – A.V.Korchilava, S.P.Elkin, D.S.Prokuratov. Application of digital image correction methods for the analysis of historical objects and cultural heritage

The article describes the implementation of a digital processing program to improve and restore images of museum and archival objects obtained using non-invasive research methods. The practical meaning of this work is to reduce the influence of the human factor on the results of the study, automate the process of diagnosis and obtaining information through numerical processing: improvement, restoration and detailing of image fragments.