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PHJ No 1 (37) 2023 – F.K. Yarmolich. The level and quality of life of a Leningrader in the 1950–1960s (on the materials of the leisure sphere)

In the article on the basis of the materials of Leningrad of 1950–1960s such element of the everyday life of a city dweller as the leisure sphere is scrutinized. The author pays his attention to the number and geographical location of cultural institutions in the urban space, the variety of forms of recreation and their financial affordability. Having analyzed these aspects the article assesses the extent to which the altered standard of living of a Leningrader during this historical period correlated with the quality of his life. 

PHJ No 4 (36) 2022 – V.L. Piankevich. Review of the collection of documents: Blockade in the decisions of the leading party bodies of Leningrad. 1941–1944. Parts I–III. STPb. 2019–2022

The collection of documents is a continuation of the work on the publication of official documents on the World War II and the blockade. Together with published documents of personal origin, the new edition significantly expands the source base for research on the history of the defense and Leningrad blockade. This is a unique, first, complete, specific publication of the most important documents of the highest regional authorities and administration, almost all of which (98%) were previously kept in secret. The published documents make it possible to study the most important issues of military production, the supply and distribution of food, the management of Leningrad and the Leningrad Region, the economy and urban economy, etc.

PHJ No 3 (35) 2022 – A. I. Rupasov. Activities of the Leningrad City and Regional State Arbitration Courts in 1943–1944

During the war, the desire of the Leningrad City Court of Arbitration to extend the scope of its competence, in spite of the reluctant and negative attitude of the local executive authorities, was partly fulfilled in the practice of its activities. As a result, the Leningrad State Arbitration acquired the features of an administrative body, a managerial body.